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Institute of Systematic Innovation, Hong Kong is a non-profit organization. Its defined purpose is to promote innovative initiatives, creativity and systematic innovation in Hong Kong. Our main objective is to drive the development and application of systematic innovation and meet the commercialization and industry interests. The institute is committed to promote various systematic innovation techniques to our youngsters. Within the scope of our services, you’ll find wisdom, an intensive and collaborative community of networks to enhance your opportunity for success.

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Still Running Task Forces (as at 11 July 2016)
- HR Innovation ( by Sam)
- Inno Lean-Triz (merging Advanced Manufacturing (by Anthony/Fox/Jacinto/Herbert)
- SME Innovation (by Roy)
- Android Innovation (by Daniel)
- Applying TRIZ to final year projects for universities
Lower priority items for 2016
- Public Space Innovation for Architecture and Societal Innovation (by Dr Lo/Roy) 
- HK 4th Industry Innovation 香港工业第四代创新 (by Daniel)
- 问知创行
- InnoKids
- Fast Food 茶餐厅 innovation
- Dynamic Capabilities for innovation
- Active Ageing / Silver Hair Innovation
- Apparel Innovation Research
- Beauty Innovation
Each theme above is spawned into a dedicated sub committee
ISI active members are encouraged to share their new Innovation project idea to committee. Decent commitment is expected from ISI members.